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It is an extremely rare disease with a fatality of about 80 percent.
A veterinarian in China has died of an extremely rare disease that is passed from primates to humans, according to a report by the Washington Post. It is China's first recorded fatality from the Monkey B virus. The Monkey B virus is endemic to ...
Unwind with this playlist.
Ever find yourself searching for lofi songs on YouTube and browsing for piano playlists on Spotify? You’re not the only one. Music has a way of reducing stress and dealing with tough times, so it’s no wonder that science has confirmed, more ...
Medic and YouTuber Ali Abdaal explains his secret to never being tired.
YouTuber and junior doctor Ali Abdaal makes content in which he shares his tips and hacks that he has found helpful in studying, at work, and at home. In a recent video titled Why I'm Never Tired, he breaks down the six tips that ...
The pandemic killed this 2,500-year-old greeting as we know it.
Vaccines have been administered and restrictions are being lifted. As the Summer of Butter 2021 hits its smooth, tasty stride most of us are ready — hell we might even be yearning — for human touch outside our immediate circles. Parents will be hugged. Random people ...
Two years since the disease reappeared.
The World Health Organization said on June 11 it had declared the end of polio outbreak in the Philippines, two years since the disease reemerged in the country.Authorities moved to vaccinate five million children against polio since it was detected in 2019, 20 ...
It’s equipped with advanced anti-fogging technology. 
Jelli Tech is a startup based in the Philippines. In 2020, founder Steve Tsao realized that even when things go back to normal, people would never really see each other’s faces because they would likely still be required to wear masks. “If my ...
Here’s how you can help them.
Nearly half of older Filipino adults are found to be at risk of malnutrition, and our grandparents could be one of them. According to health care company Abbott, malnutrition affects a third of older adults, a population that is expected to grow ...
It's not you, it's the weather.
Summer laziness is a thing, according to science. That's right--it's not you, it's the weather. That productivity slump you're in might not be your fault. It might just be because we're living in an inferno. It's so hot, you can literally cook ...
The secret drink helps him stay in shape. 
To many of Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso’s followers and observers, it is easy to guess his favorite drink: Coffee. He is regularly seen holding a Starbucks cup with the usual greetings from the baristas. But there is one strange drink he regularly chugs, ...
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