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It's a lesson in vaccine science.
Two Filipinos who returned to Cebu from abroad tested positive for COVID-19 despite getting vaccinated in their countries of origin, authorities said Thursday.The first case, a 43-year-old OFW from Dubai, got two full doses from China's Sinopharm. The second case, a 25-year-old woman, got just one of two doses ...
From a 40-plus IFBB pro to a bachelor living the dream life, these fitness vloggers, YouTubers, and bloggers inform and entertain.
When you watch these fitness vloggers, YouTubers, or bloggers on the tiny screen of your cracked smartphone, you’re not only looking for tips on how to get jacked. You’re also looking for entertainment. These six guys, apart from sharing knowledge about, yes, how ...
'People should never take animal drugs.'
What's the latest misinformation going around concerning the pandemic, you may be wondering. You remember the pandemic, right? While four people were dying in the insurrection in Washington, the pandemic was killing almost 3,900 other people. So what are your elderly relatives ...
The agency is also raising its contribution rate this year.
The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) insists that the P15 billion alleged to have been lost to corruption in the agency is properly accounted for. In a statement released on Twitter on Thursday (December 31), the state-run agency said that a total of ...
The big crash after the holiday meal is a solid contender, but it is not peak napping.
The Christmas-Hanukkah-Kwanzaa-New Year corridor is always rich with opportunities to practice the art of the nap. That’s never been more true than right now, as we struggle under the weight of a mismanaged pandemic and an election season that does not seem ...
How do you dispose of your face mask?
We’re in a bit of a pickle here. On one hand, we need a face mask (and plenty of it) to protect ourselves against coronavirus, and wearing one (and more and more) has helped slow COVID-19’s spread, so that’s all good.   On ...
Leading a healthy lifestyle has become less challenging for Filipino diabetics. 
Regular exercise is a no-brainer for a healthy life, but for the almost four million adult Filipinos with diabetes in the Philippines, demolishing the squat or completing a jog is more challenging as they need to manage blood sugar levels constantly.READ MORE ABOUT ...
There are three body types commonly used to categorize people. Which are you? And does it even matter?
In the 1940s, a professor at the University of Houston named William Sheldon proposed that there are three kinds of people (or more specifically, body types) in the world. Ectomorphs are lean, lanky, and have difficulty gaining weight (think: Bruce Lee and Michael Phelps). ...
The #MoveforMentalHealth challenge calls for greater investment in mental well-being.
In the Worst Year Ever, World Mental Health Day, which happens tomorrow, October 10, is more important than ever. Around the world, the ill effects of the global pandemic on mental well-being are being felt more keenly by more people. Depression, anxiety, ...
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