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Tag your beer buddy.
Tomas Morato’s charm for foodies hasn’t waned and it continues to be an incubator for new concepts thanks to its diverse mix of homegrown as well as international chain restaurants and bars. Recently, Dunkin’ Donuts even came up with its first drive-in ...
The company is realigning its partnership with the Dutch beer brand.
Heineken beer will soon be brewed and distributed in the Philippines after the company realigned its partnership with Lucio Tan-owned Asia Brewery.ALSO READ: BEERThese are the Most Googled Beer Brands in Asia This YearMost Beer Drinkers Would Pay More Money for Sustainable ...
And what country searched for beer the most?
Few things are more satisfying after a long hard day at the office (or working from home) than an ice-cold bottle of beer. Also read: The Most Prominent Families in Manila In the Philippines, there’s no question San Miguel is king of cervezas, but in case ...
Heineken's #OpenManila ends on a high note.
The Ruins in Poblacion. To the untrained eye and under the harsh light of day, it looks like the ghost of a burned-down house, but for the culmination of Heineken's #OpenManila, it was transformed to party central, with wild lights and sounds that ...
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