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Meet the Patek Philippe that deserves a medal for bravery.
Switzerland is no risk-taker. As its European neighbors have rediscovered the joy of playing with matches, the nation of neutrality goes slow and steady. Its watch industry is no different: manufactures take their time over R&D. Trends and changes are subtle, incrementalist ...
Stars on the ascendance are headed for a crash collision.
Last week, Tom Holland bested Héctor Bellerín, and it's onto round three: Michael B. Jordan vs. Henry Golding.2019: a very loud year. Suits have morphed into ballgown hybrids. The Met Gala saw menswear camp out on that very thing. As such, all ...
The stars arrived in exotic supercars while dressed in their best couture.
The big-screen adaptation of Kevin Kwan's Crazy Rich Asians has produced lots of excitement since it was first announced last year. Now it's only a matter of days until the film is scheduled to be released.Feast your eyes on these photos from the red, ...
Meet the entire cast and the characters they will portray, plus see official movie stills here.
We’re a few weeks away from the local release of Crazy Rich Asians on August 22. For anyone who’s read the trilogy and is eagerly awaiting to see how Asians will be represented in the film, this last stretch is the toughest.To ...
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