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Do you want to ruin your financial future for a luxurious laugh? Then these are the shoes for you!
The rapper Future already has a pair, as does the singer Kehlani and a so-far unnamed art collector. They're Birkinstocks, the latest high-end troll offering from the Brooklyn-based f*kboy factory MSCHF, the (sort of) secretive collective behind viral product/performance stunts like $3,000 Holy ...
Released from a physical catwalk, men's fashion week turns to other ways to present the message.
The pandemic is a blight that touches everything, including the building of dreams through the fantasy of a brand-new wardrobe, but trust the creativity of men to find a way. Knowing that smooshing hundreds of people together in a cramped space is ...
Hermès pulls back the curtain for its summer 2021 show.
Along with the likes of 'strange times', 'new normal', 'corona economy', and 'self-isolating' (isn't isolating inherently... self?), 'phygital' is a peculiar and annoying term that has coincided with the rise and ravages of the coronavirus. Brands are trying to work out how you ...
Creative director Philippe Delhotal reveals the fanciful creativity behind its latest releases: the Arceau awooooo and the Arceau L-heure de la lune.
As someone who has studied the technical aspects of clock and watchmaking in France and has also taken courses in fashion design and styling at the École des Beaux-Arts as well as gemology, Philippe Delhotal possesses a unique set of talents and ...
Give your smartwatch an extravagant style update just because you can.
In the age when smartwatches have practically become a daily necessity, the product has grown so ubiquitous, many may forget its style potential. Still, a number of fashion brands have seen the opportunity in dressing up the Apple Watch in just its ...
Not all the most beautiful timepieces are produced by the usual suspects, a.k.a. that inner circle of the oldest, best-known Swiss luxury watch brands. Here are a few fashion and jewelry labels that produce watches just as worthy of your attention.
Watch snobs, hear us out: Before you turn your nose up at fashion watches for men or any piece that does not bear the prestigious Poinçon de Genève, consider the possibility that jewelry and, yes, even fashion brands have been coming out ...
When shopping for a Birkin, it's important not to ask for one.
So you want to buy a Birkin. The leather tote that has launched a thousand quests is one replete with a reputation of both exquisite craftsmanship and rarity. It is to many devotees a handcrafted masterpiece, each bag made from the finest ...
Slim d'Hermès Titane is the luxury watch for everyday moments.
House Hermès knows it doesn't need to shout in order to drive (the right) people into its well-appointed shops filled with leather, silk, homeware, and accessories. Its audience is attracted to the very subtle way it translates the necessities of life into ...
These classic pieces are some of the most coveted from the brand.
Hermès has been known for a number of iconic products since it was established in 1837. While the maison’s handbags have taken center stage in recent years, Hermès actually got its start by crafting harnesses and saddles. Aside from craftsmanship, this heritage ...
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