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Jillian Mendoza needs more surgeries.
Jillian Mendoza is a Filipina nanny working in Toronto, Canada. Last February 24, she was pushing a stroller with two toddlers aged 2 and 3 along St. Clair Avenue in the city when an SUV reportedly driven by a man in his ...
Pieces of the past are hiding in plain sight all around the Metro.
Old houses in Metro Manila often get a bad rep. If not blatantly labeled as haunted, some of them have fallen into degradation due to neglect. Yet these structures carry with them the social history of a certain era and show us ...
Most of them were women.
Last year, Peter Eisner authored a book called MacArthur’s Spies, accompanied by the subhead “The Soldier, the Singer, and the Spymaster Who Defied the Japanese in World War II.” Here, the author chronicles the secret lives of three American personalities in detail, ...
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