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Travel back in time when you visit this historically significant site.
This August, we'll finally be able to visit the country's largest Spanish artifact. El Deposito is one of the oldest underground reservoirs in the world. Located in San Juan, it was built in 1882 to supply water to Manila's residents. During the ...
The national hero’s activities in Dapitan prove that he was the quintessential Renaissance man.
When Jose Rizal was shipped off to Dapitan—a sleepy town at the northernmost tip of the Zamboanga Peninsula—he had lived in Madrid, Paris, and London; taken a train across the United States; made acquaintances with European intellectuals; and written two novels that ...
The drawings are older than the Maya Scripts.
Prehistoric inhabitants of the Philippines have been drawing on cave walls 1,500 years before Christ was born. The cave drawings were discovered in Peñablanca town, Cagayan, and have just been confirmed to be 3,500 years old—making them the oldest directly dated rock ...
Are you prepared to love, feed, and mourn your virtual pet all over again?
Tamagotchi is 25 years old. If you ever owned one in the 1990s, you'd know how absolutely ridiculous it seemed to own a virtual pet, whose lifespan depended on the expiration date of the gadget's battery. In 1997, the New York Times ran ...
"I was a good kid."
Most stories about the Aquinos mention Ninoy’s career in politics and his tussles with then-President Ferdinand Marcos, which culminated in the family being forced to relocate to the United States in the early ‘80s. And, of course, Cory’s turn as Chief Executive ...
Funding will protect rare and priceless ethnic stoneware from around the country.
The National Museum of the Philippines has received a grant from the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation, Inc. (GBF) to establish the Elizabeth Y. Gokongwei Ethnographic Stoneware Visible Storage and Resource Center at the National Museum of Anthropology.The project will provide Filipinos and experts ...
Conyo, pan de regla, and puto seko have very vulgar meanings in Spanish.
Considering the Philippines was colonized by Spain for 333 years, it is ironic how the vast majority of Filipinos do not speak Spanish. In fact, it is the only former Spanish colony where a majority of the citizens does not speak the ...
Elizabeth Jane McBride Bracken had been buried in an unmarked grave since 1876.
The story of Jose Rizal’s relationship with Josephine Bracken is well-known and oft-told. Bracken lived with Rizal when he was exiled to Dapitan and, according to some accounts, the couple got married the night before Rizal’s execution.Bracken herself was born in Hong ...
See the old ‘skyscrapers’ of Tondo.
Old Manila is often the stuff of legend—we’ve all heard our grandparents wax nostalgic about how beautiful the capital was before it was decimated during World War II. Nick Joaquin’s A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino mourns the passing of the ...
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