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Continuing its series of acclaimed collaborations, H&M partners with Simone Rocha this year.
Can you believe it? You’ve been blessed with 15 years of designer collaborations spearheaded by H&M, from Karl Lagerfeld in 2004 to Commes des Garcons in 2008, Versace in 2011 to Giambattista Valli in 2019. The Swedish fashion company has been instrumental ...
Stock up on basics from the Swedish retailer via the popular e-commerce platform.
The most ideal wardrobe is loaded to the gills with yummy pieces from heritage brands and some (or many) splurge items from very old luxury houses. The most realistic wardrobe, however, would be a sampling of the previous (think forever pieces like suits) and ...
Which brands place a high value on people and the planet?
Fast fashion labels have long had a bad rap for producing too many clothes, a practice that burdens the Earth and may also harm the very workers who are tasked to make these pieces in sometimes unsavory conditions.But now, one of the ...
The historic fund is one of the best ways for individuals and organizations to donate to the World Health Organization’s global response efforts.
From billion-dollar conglomerates to individuals like you and me, everyone is tasked to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from choosing to stay at home—a simple but powerful act that will disrupt the fire-like spread of the virus—people have started to donate funds to ...
Ward of the bad juju with the auspicious color red and the happy mouse.
Let us put aside the lofty goals of getting in shape for a while longer because the extended holiday season isn’t over yet until the arrival of Chinese New Year (on Saturday). That means it is still the moment of pants with ...
The retailer is clearly serious about sustainability.
If there's one brand that's doing it all right, it's H&M. From inclusivity to sustainability, the Swedish retailer has made an effort to be a model for the rest of the industry. While it has been regarded as a vehicle for fast-fashion in the ...
Underneath the flashy Moschino [tv] H&M set is a great message.
Last night was major for Jeremy Scott, creative director of Moschino as his collaboration with Swedish mega-retalier H&M was unveiled at a high-energy show in New York.The catwalk was dressed up like Times Square with illumated mini-skyscrapers and a digital ticker that ...
See the men's lookbook here (with prices!).
A suspension of the rules of classic dressing is needed to appreciate the upcoming Moschino x H&M collection, which is styled as “Moschino [tv] H&M” and shortened as “MTV.” (How do you want to call it?)Creative director Jeremy Scott famously sent an ...
H&M collaborates with a very old and very British design brand.
We've been thinking of crazy-wild prints of late, and maybe these princes of patterns have something to do with it. Though very difficult to wear and thus something we'd usually avoid, the all-over print does tickle the senses in the most delightful ways. It ...
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