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The museum will have over 300 objects on display, many being shown outside Japan for the first time.
The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is finally opening its doors in Los Angeles in April with an exhibit celebrating the works of the legendary Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki. Envisioned as a journey through his six-decade career, it's the first of its ...
The creator of Glee presents a glossy (albeit simplistic) portrait of inequalities in the Hollywood system.
Few TV producers have cracked showbusiness the way Ryan Murphy has done over the past decade. As the brains behind the hit musical drama series Glee and the award-winning anthology show American Horror Story, his latest project is a Netflix original production ...
Brad Pitt could have been The One, but turned the role down, so it went to Keanu.
Brad Pitt recently gave us a taste of his fighting skills when he came toe-to-toe with Bruce Lee (not the real one, obviously) in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. But if his career had gone a little differently, we could have seen ...
Even Hollywood’s most talented A-list stars need to prove why they deserve a raise—or equal pay.
Last year’s #MeToo movement and the induction of the Time’s Up organization have empowered Hollywood stars and industry players to finally speak up and demand what they deserve. And while it’s only just begun—and the fight is far from over—it’s great to ...
Ranked in descending order.
The love lives of our darling celebrities have always been in the public eye, a favorite topic in conversations and gossip columns. The stars on this list (mostly from the Old Hollywood era) were not only famous for their looks, charm, and ...
From our rice terraces to our city slums, the Philippines seems to have a diverse set of locations for production companies abroad.
The last seven years have seen a number of international films using the Philippines as a backdrop to their story. Some of these foreign films feature our stunning beaches and picturesque countryside; others highlight the city slums and dangerous jungles. While the ...
The 1967 vintage Chevrolet Camaro RS features a very distinct Steve Rogers tribute.
Robert Downey Jr. marked his friendship with Avengers co-star Chris Evans in a very special way. After filming Avengers: Endgame last year, the Iron Man actor custom-designed a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS for Evans, who showed it off on a past episode ...
Filipino-born Canadian actor Manny Jacinto takes us through his long and patient journey to Hollywood.
Can a name sound any more Filipino than Manny Jacinto? When the credits of hit comedy NBC series The Good Place revealed the name behind the show’s “Jason Mendoza,” a lead character who wears a barong-inspired outfit in the first few episodes ...
When it comes to education, these Hollywood’s A-listers refused to settle for second best.
To think of celebrities as mere beautiful faces is old-fashioned. Some of the best ones gained fame in front of the cameras, and performed just as well in their secondary fields of interest.Here, a list of the celebrities who attended Ivy League ...
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