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Work need not be a hindrance to prayer, but one that enables it.
It can be challenging to stay spiritually strong in today's fast-paced society, especially with our constant need to be connected through technology as well as our “culture of waste” and “culture of the moment” as noted by Pope Francis himself. There are, ...
The realizations of someone who has experienced opposite ends of religious fervor.
So I have this Truly Rich Friend, Mi-mi Moo, who, in the last three years has not kept up with her religious duties, most especially during Lent and specifically during its culmination, Holy Week.Like most Truly Rich Families, she had an extremely ...
Read on for the toll operators' plans to ease the expected congestion during the peak travel season
Ahead of the expected exodus of Metro Manila residents to provinces south and north of the metropolis this Holy Week, the operators of the major tollways around the capital region issued statements outlining measures to ease the expected congestion in many segments ...
Here's how Pope Francis would advise you on your everyday problems.
Pope Francis is many things to the Catholic Church; he is, at all times, a leader, a teacher, a father, a friend, a revolutionary, and a scholar. Above all else, however, the Pope is a philosopher, studying the Bible and his lifetime ...
Libations! Libations!
For those who aren't abstaining from drinking, here are the places around Metro Manila that might be able to help you out.PASIGBlack OliveCapitol Commons Pasig CityMaundy Thursday: 3 p.m. to 12 a.m.Good Friday: 3 p.m. to 12 a.m.Black Saturday: 11 a.m. to ...
Patience, tolerance, politeness, and good manners always work.
You've experienced it before: You get to church 15 minutes early, make sure you are properly settled, and wait for the Mass or service to start. Then, a family arrives with kids bursting with joy, and decides to sit right next to ...
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