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And the following weeks thereafter, since we’re stuck. Indefinitely. 
Holy Week is usually the time when everybody else who migrated to Manila goes back home to their provinces. People from Manila themselves would even sometimes leave the city to go abroad. The result? Streets clear up. EDSA becomes an avenue again and ...
'To the Higher Power I pray because I know I have committed, in fact, the seven most serious. I am truly rich, but I am also human.'
No, no, no—I am not on a secret island somewhere in the Atlantic right now. I am not sipping a tall tumbler of watermelon sangria, while silently booing the taut bodies of 20-somethings. I am not doing all those things because it ...
Perfect for a sudden road trip.
Tagaytay City in Cavite is often top-of-mind for a spur-of-the-moment getaway. Just a couple of hours away from the Metro, it boasts a stunning view of Taal Lake and chilly weather that make you feel you’re actually in a far away, sleepy ...
Know what's open this Holy Week.
The city tends to be quieter during the Holy Week, with people coming home to their families and establishments closing earlier than usual. Malls in and around the Metro will also be adjusting their schedules, so if you're looking to get some ...
The Philippines' oldest churches were built in the 1600s.
The oldest churches in the Philippines are a symbol of the country’s colonial past. Their sturdy stone walls and ornate altars talk about centuries of worship, veneration, wars, and deaths.As a Catholic country, it is not surprising that the country has a number ...
Holy Week in the Philippines, especially in the provinces, is full of Christ-like imagery.
Holy Week in the Philippines is always an astounding sight: Our streets and roads, especially in the provinces of Central Luzon, are crammed with processions of both saints and sinners. Lifelike, richly dressed  figures of wooden and ivory saints, borne on brightly ...
The realizations of someone who has experienced opposite ends of religious fervor.
So I have this Truly Rich Friend, Mi-mi Moo, who, in the last three years has not kept up with her religious duties, most especially during Lent and specifically during its culmination, Holy Week.Like most Truly Rich Families, she had an extremely ...
Book that flight, stat!
In case you've been living under the rock, the coolest place to be in this summer is Siargao. The island located in Mindanao is the new It destination in the country and it's brimming with lush nature. Don't believe us? Just ask ...
Why adding this stop to your Boracay trip is worth it (and why it might even give you some peace and quiet).
If you find yourself accidentally elbowing somebody along one of Boracay’s stations while trying to soak in that famous sunset, know that you could have enjoyed the same view, the same fine, white sand, on another nearby beach without the competition. Romblon ...
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