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Cebu Homecraft is committed to producing sustainably made furniture.
Looking at Cebu Homecraft’s eye-catching, impeccably crafted pieces, you’d never guess that they’re made out of driftwood and recycled denim. But owner and designer James Doran-Webb’s commitment to sustainability drives him to constantly innovate new ways of turning second-life materials into stylish ...
Marie Kondo, sparking joy even in isolation.
The day of my Zoom interview with Marie Kondo, I woke up early to frantically tidy my home office. By my home office, I mean the corner of my bedroom where my writing table lives, blanketed as the area is in notebooks ...
Urban environments, the prime hubs for disease outbreaks, must emphasize sustainability and decrease waste and pollution.
“The coronavirus will change how cities function,” says Charmaine Chan, design editor of the South China Morning Post. “I hope it makes them more resilient places.”Chan spoke with a panel of industry experts in a recent webinar moderated by Catherine Feliciano-Chon, founder of communications ...
Expert tips for work-from-home spaces.
“People used to think of working from home as a cute idea, something that millennials were very into,” says award-winning Filipino architect JJ Acuna, founder of JJA Bespoke Architecture. “As designers, we may be asked by our clients, whether it’s a developer ...
Useful tips for keeping holiday food in the fridge.
If we’re taking from the rule of wine service, certain types of wine should be stored in certain temperatures. By doing this, you’re ensured of the best possible flavor that the winemakers intended. Storing a bottle of red at room temperature, for ...
Conduct dinner parties with ease by designing a sleek living room for all your needs.
Having guests over is a joy, but it’s not fun when everyone’s cramped in the living room, literally rubbing elbows as they talk to one another. If there are no proper tables, the chances of drinks being spilled are also very high. ...
Water bottles with healing crystals and Motivation Mists? Why not.
In the first week of January, Netflix released Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, which opened the new year with a message that shamed viewers into, well, tidying up. And those who weren’t introduced to it already got acquainted with the KonMari method of decluttering ...
It's a showcase of Filipino craftsmanship.
For industrial designer Ana Bernardo, it had always been a dream to marry local craftsmanship and materials with purposeful design. That's exactly what she achieved with her recently launched home brand, PULO.PULO stands for Purveyors of Local. It also means "island." Ultimately, PULO aims ...
The homeowners have amassed an impressive array of contemporary art and they believe that collecting isn't a race, but a journey.
Weaving an art collection into the rooms of a home is a design skill that is often underestimated.  While we are not fans of hard and fast set rules when it comes to decorating, it is important to have a sense of ...
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