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“Amp up your life.”
Honda’s HR-V nameplate has been in the Philippines since 1998, when the first-generation was first introduced as a boxy and hip crossover to pair with the highly successful CR-V. Since then, the Japanese carmaker has sold over 3.5 million HR-V units globally. ...
All part of its goal to bring traffic fatalities involving its vehicles down to zero.
In November last year, Honda made a surprising announcement: zero traffic collision fatalities involving any of its motorcycles or automobiles anywhere in the world by 2050. That’s an incredibly lofty goal, especially when you consider that around 1.3 million people die each ...
It’s the 11th generation of the iconic nameplate.
Honda Cars Philippines recently unveiled the 11th generation of its iconic Honda Civic last Tuesday through its official Facebook page. It is the brand’s bestselling nameplate, and has a 53 percent market share in the C-segment. According to Atty. Louie Soriano, HCPI vice president, ...
A true daily driver.
Transport has always been functional. The idea is to get from point A to B in the quickest, less stressful way possible, and, hopefully, do it in comfort and style. And since its invention, the automobile has fulfilled those needs for an ...
Out with the old, in with the new.
Here’s the bad news first: Honda Cars Philippines decided to discontinue the sale of its Jazz, the brand’s popular and stylish subcompact hatch as soon as stocks run out. However, the good news is that Honda has launched its all-new Honda City ...
We take the 10th generation Honda Accord out for a spin.
Most Filipinos who own cars make do with a basic four-wheeler. Just Google what the bestselling vehicle is in the country and you’ll understand. It’s not a dig at compact and subcompact sedans; we understand how difficult it is to get around, ...
Honda also unveiled a new CRV model.
Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI) is celebrating its 30th anniversary this month and just this week, it announced the unveiling of its all-new fifth generation Honda City and new CRV models.  ALSO READ: HONDAHonda’s 30th Birthday Bash Made Me Think About My First Civic in the ...
There was a time Honda asked you to sign a waiver not to use your car as a raffle prize or taxi
Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), Honda Japan’s automobile business unit in the Philippines, is celebrating its 30th year of operations this October. Its entry into the country in 1990 brought much needed excitement in what was then a docile auto industry that ...
It’s definitely not your typical, day-to-day car.
Many of us have a Civic story. If you’re a car guy who went to high school and college in the 1990s or early 2000s, there’s more than a fair chance you drooled over your friend’s Honda Civic. It was always some ...
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