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But domestic workers in Hong Kong are facing challenges in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.
The average monthly salary of foreign domestic workers (FDWs) in Hong Kong exceeded HK$5,000 for the first time ever in 2020.ALSO READ: LABORWhy Are Supermarket Cashiers (Almost) Always Women?Here's How Many Leaves You Have Under PH Labor LawsAccording to a study by ...
The newly re-opened Amber from chef Richard Ekkebus at the Mandarin Landmark Hotel in Hong Kong is your next must-book restaurant.
Jumping on the bandwagon is not Richard Ekkebus’ style. In fact, the celebrated chef behind the two Michelin-starred Amber restaurant in Hong Kong is just about as original as they come. So, after a long and memorable 14-year run at his legendary ...
The Hong Kong protests have taken on greater meaning following the increasing police brutality against peaceful protestors.
Hong Kong is a tinderbox.For the last four months, the streets have witnessed millions of Hongkongers marching in protest of the highly controversial extradition bill proposed by the Hong Kong government. The bill would allow for the extradition of wanted individuals to ...
Rupert Hogg says he is stepping down to “take responsibility as a leader.”
The CEO of Hong Kong’s flag carrier Cathay Pacific is stepping down, the airline announced on Friday, August 16. Various media outlets have reported how CEO Rupert Hogg faced pressure from authorities in mainland China to prevent airline employees from joining massive protests ...
This look into the lives of Hong Kong’s domestic workers is informed by Xyza Cruz Bacani’s own experiences as a second-generation migrant domestic worker.
Air is both invisible and vital. Few individuals ever take time to think about what fuels their every breath, and yet its absence is impossible to ignore. Air is ever-important, but hardly noticed.Xyza Cruz Bacani, photographer and one of Asia Society’s 2018 ...
Secret bars you've never heard of, a Swedish visual artist making her Asian debut, a month-long film festival, and more.
Hong Kong is always happening and the city never stays the same for long. While its great to settle for tried-and-test favorites, why not dive into this dynamic city and sample something new? Newly opened establishments worth your attention A post shared by The ...
Daytime markets and late-night bazaars. Hip districts full of indie stores and massive malls with hundreds of outlets. 
Shopping is almost a national pastime in Hong Kong, a place where anything can be had if you look hard enough. Whether you’ve come prepared with extra luggage space or just browsing with your carry-on, our all-day markets, massive malls, chic precincts ...
Can’t decide where to go for the holidays? Let this be your guide.
If you haven’t booked that ticket or decided on a place to escape for the holidays yet, here's our list to guide you in choosing where to spend the long Christmas break. We’ve scoured through countless travel guides, our notes from our ...
An itinerary for short but intense bursts of travel to a big and busy city.
Hong Kong. It's busy, fast-paced, and efficient. It's not a place for leisurely vacations or quiet contemplation. It's where you go when you want an itinerary bursting at the seams, nonstop activity, with rest reserved only when you're about to sleep. You've ...
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