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He took to the streets of L.A. wearing sweats. He is exactly as he should be.
Did you feel that? You know, that feeling of things falling into place? Kind of like when you do a really good arms-over-the-head stretch and something cracks in your neck and suddenly you feel so much better? I felt it. Yep, all ...
Champion has been at it for almost a century. Maybe that's why the sportswear brand can make an incomparable sweatshirt.
I found what might just be the perfect hoodie. Or, at least, a perfect hoodie. It's nothing new. But it's been enjoying such a renaissance lately that it just keeps selling out, over and over, and then I try to wax philosophical ...
Simple rules for wearing a wardrobe staple right.
STICK TO TRADITIONAL PROPORTIONS.We have Los Angeles-based streetwear label Fear of God to thank for the oversized, disproportionate hoodies littered in every fast-fashion outlet from Abercrombie to Zara. You know, the ones with overhung shoulders and bigger hoods and wide, boxy torsos ...
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