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Many city hotels have already stopped accepting guests.
As the island of Luzon buckles down for community quarantine, only private establishments “providing basic necessities and activities related to food and medicine production are allowed to stay open.” That includes supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores, and restaurants that provide delivery services.The exemption ...
More proof: Hotel chain Marriott International will open 25 new hotels in the country in the next five years.
“It’s More Fun in The Philippines” is the Philippines’ tourism slogan. And it seems we can expect more fun in the country’s travel and tourism sector.For this year alone, data from the Department of Tourism (DOT) show that foreign tourist arrivals climbed ...
The property once known as the Taal Vista Lodge is one of the oldest hotels in the Philippines.
Jutting out along the ridge overlooking Taal Lake and Volcano is a structure resembling an English cottage, its timber framework holding up a distinctively brown hued Tudor-style roof against a backdrop of misty sky. The Taal Vista Hotel sits comfortably where it ...
Twelve luxury hotels and a spa were included on the prestigious list.
In case you'd like to do a stay in town and veg at a luxury hotel this long weekend, U.S. business magazine Forbes says the Philippines has exactly a dozen of them.Forbes Travel Guide, a star rating service and online guide for ...
The new Hilton Manila is located in Resorts World Manila
The Hilton brand has a had a long history in Manila. In the 1960s, the very first Hilton in the Far East opened along the old Isaac Peral Street (now United Nations Avenue). It became the center of Manila’s social life almost ...
U.S. President John F. Kennedy, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, and many others, once stayed at the historic hotel.
“It’s a good story if it’s The Manila Hotel,” Ernest Hemingway once said of the now 106-year-old landmark. Obviously, the award-winning author of The Old Man and the Sea possessed a natural talent for sniffing out a great story. The hotel’s celebrated ...
Would you believe some of these hotels are almost 150 years old? Check into one of them to get a bit of history along with your R and R.
We stay in hotels mainly for vacations and business trips, and the typical hotel room is tastefully decorated, comfortable, but sometimes boring—like you could be in a generic room anywhere else in the world.But if you are looking for a hotel with ...
More plata than plomo here
Pablo Escobar: drug dealer, warlord and a man of infamously expensive and outrageous tastes. He built a private zoo full of hippos and zebras; buried millions because he had nowhere else to hide it, and once burned $2 million to keep his daughter ...
Great design, hearty dishes, and one heck of a view come together at this stunning weekend destination.
One of his trips abroad, home accessories designer Rene Alcala had an epiphany. The self-described late comer to the award-winning Movement 8 design collective was staying at a boutique hotel in Europe along with some of his fellow designers and exporters when ...
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