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The filmmaker shares his favorite items.
The life of a director is a hectic one. With shoots and shoots (in between more shoots and meetings), it's a tireless job. It's a job that filmmaker Mikhail Red has managed to get accustomed to, thanks, in part, to his list ...
The actor and musician shares his favorite items.
For actor-turned-musician Bret Jackson, it's all about that comfy fit. These days, he spends most of his time in the studio and that calls for an assortment of relaxed hoodies and joggers. And if we learned anything from the past decade, it's that a simple ...
The actor and engineer shares his favorite items.
As someone who leads an active lifestyle, Slater Young is someone who knows how to keep things streamlined. Whether he's traveling around the world or on location for his company Litecrete Philippines, he's one to keep it easy and fuss-free.Esquire caught up with ...
From his go-to essential to his view on style.
As a creative, photographer Koji Arboleda is well-versed in different art forms—including fashion. Like his work, it's evident that dressing is something that he takes to heart. We caught up with him to talk about his journey with minimalism, his favorite pieces, ...
From Common Projects to a good pair of tailored trousers.
Henrik Lim isn't your typical sneakerhead. Going beyond collecting, he founded Grail Cleaning Services, a sneaker-focused care service. We caught up with the young entrepreneur to discuss why basic isn't at all bad, his passion for sneakers, and what style is to him. View this post ...
The co-founder of Signet isn't as conventional as you'd think.
Despite being the co-founder of Signet—the men's lifestyle store that offers everything tailored, bespoke, and handmade—Jason Qua's style isn't as clean as you'd expect it to be. He is, after all, also a part of Regiment, which you could describe as Signet's more casual ...
The man behind the city's hottest concerts on his early start in streetwear, the importance of trousers, and surviving Philippine weather.
As the man behind the city's hottest concerts, Midas Productions general manager Daniel Peters knows a thing or two about dressing for business. But, it's how he mixes that with his personal style that really works. We caught up with the concert producer ...
The film director talks about his personal style, wardrobe essentials, and his love for layering.
As someone constantly on-the-go, film director Gino M. Santos has really no other option but to live in casual and relaxed clothing. When it's time to suit up, however, he doesn't disappoint. We caught up with the film director to talk about ...
The famous DJ on his favorite sneakers, wardrobe essentials, and dressing for events.
If you've ever been to a good party in Manila, then you've no doubt seen Nix Damn P perform. As the city's main DJ, Nix Damn P spends a lot of time hitting the decks and going wherever the party is. With that, it ...
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