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The stars of LVMH's high-end horology stable aren't exactly taking it easy in lockdown.
Along with everything else, the pandemic has pretty effectively disrupted the way the watch world debuts its latest show-stoppers. Big, glitzy, in-person fairs are, by and large, not happening. But that doesn't mean the machinery stops moving entirely.Case in point: Last week, ...
The new Classic Fusion Takashi Murakami All Black features the artist's signature smiling flower motif.
The sweet spot for us here at Esquire is your everyday watches, ones that may run a broad list of prices from an accessible couple of hundred bucks to a $10K investment but will always do you proud in multiple situations. Sometimes, however, ...
The Big Bang Unico Cold Brown is the duo's first team up with Berluti creative director Kris Van Assche.
There are two ways to win big in watch design. First, confirm people’s expectations. Second, utterly confound them. Watch brand Hublot is definitely in the second category. It has maintained a disruptive position in high-end watches ever since it launched in 1980. Founder Carlo ...
Classic Fusion Special Edition ‘London’ pays tribute to Blighty.
London's reputation as a watch mecca proper has been long discarded. Following World War II, in which lots of burly young talented men were plucked from their respective industries to assist and abet the war effort, British watchmaking just never returned to ...
The Big Bang MP-11 Red Magic is the brand's second piece made in a shock of red ceramic, and we spoke to the well-guarded R&D department to find out just how it's done.
In 2018, Hublot made history. It likes doing that. So, when the marque released its first ever high-tech piece in a flaming red ceramic, watch-y circles weren't at all surprised by the surprise. Under the steer of CEO Jean-Claude Biver—a man often ...
Esquire spoke to the Italian designer about his enduring partnership with the Swiss luxury watchmaker.
Flavio Manzoni is the senior vice president of design at Ferrari. Since 2010 he has overseen the creation of at least two dozen iconic supercars, including the Ferrari LaFerrari, the Ferrari 488 and the Ferrari Monza SP1.In 2011 Ferrari teamed up with ...
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