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Who will emerge triumphant?
It’s hard to provide a dictionary definition for the word “bardagulan.” Heck, even we're not sure. But loosely we think it translates to shitposting, or a situation where social media users pretty much shoot the breeze and air their thoughts, often in ...
Your parents might have done it, too.
In the quest for life's deeper meaning, we've done all sorts of things to better our soda. We've put Mentos in Coke, dropped all sorts of fruit in Sprite, dared ourselves to drink Pepsi with Pop Rocks. Heck, one guy even suggested ...
Your doctor should be prescribing some Marvin Gaye
Went for a jog last night, did you? Eating loads of nutrients, are you? Finally taking some responsibility for your future wellbeing, is it? Well you're a mug, because according to experts, there's a much more enjoyable way to extend your lifespan.Researchers studying ...
There is a right way to holding a beer bottle.
You walk through life thinking that you've figured it all out. You're wearing bespoke suits, you know all the right words, you're well-mannered, then something comes along that shatters everything you thought you knew, like how you're supposed to eat Tic Tacs ...
Why should the quarantine stop you from celebrating life?
Senators burst into laughter over Senator Cynthia Villar's blooper amid a a live video conference call.
Senator Cynthia Villar's unguarded moment during a live video call drew laughter among her fellow senators on the afternoon of Monday, May 11.The solons were already having technical difficulties in their online Senate session, and could barely hear each other, when Villar was caught ...
He's also a TikTok star.
At 8 a.m. May 12, Filipinos woke up early to hear their fate: Would the enhanced community quarantine be extended or would the country ease into the gentler general community quarantine? President Rodrigo Duterte was expected to address the country and announce his decision. There ...
That’s one way to keep people at home.
Nothing better than free lechon to motivate Caviteños.In the Cavite municipality of Alfonso, Mayor Randy Salamat is encouraging his constituents to stay at home by offering up a reward of 10 lechon to the barangay with zero or the least number of ...
The split second shot was enough to fluster even Sotto.
During Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto's online forum with the Foreign Correspondents Association of the Philippines (FOCAP) yesterday, something totally unexpected and hilarious happened. During the live Zoom call, the background photo of a naked man—inappropriate for a public video—appeared. See it for yourself ...
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