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A few tips and tricks everyone—including their mother—should know.
There is no denying that classic Old Hollywood stars Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Sophia Loren have paved the way for the beauty industry today. Their bright red lipstick, fluttery eyes, and luminous skin have been on trend since these stars graced ...
“Can you hear me, Major Tom?”
In 1969, Major Tom lost contact with ground control, setting off on his space odyssey completely alone. Or at least, that’s how the story goes in David Bowie’s career-launching single “Space Oddity.”50 years ago, the then relatively unknown British artist released his ...
Fashion tips from the Monegasque princess and the queen of American fashion.
Like a handful before and after her, Grace Kelly is one of the few legendary fashion icons that embody class and timelessness. She ranks among other style heavyweights, such as Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and Princess Diana. Unlike many others, however, Grace’s signature ...
These are legit goals.
In the fickle world of celebrity, only a handful of men have transcended fame and trends. Here, we present seven of the most stylish men as seen in Timeless Icons, the new coffee table book by Tod’s that includes the men (and ...
Plus, how much the real deal costs.
We may not realize it, but there are replicated furniture designs everywhere—at our local malls, our favorite cafés, and even our workplaces. Many designs that we may be used to seeing every day may have been taken from styles that were first ...
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