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How could we have not seen all this texture around us?
It's the third day of May and the end of our Ilocos Norte trip. Today we're at the coast of Burgos in what would be our last stop before we grab supper on our way back to Quezon City. I've made some ...
Examining the thrills of these infinitely astonishing sandy hills.
Half an hour past five, the thrills of riding a 4x4 truck tumbling down the vast blankness of these sandy escapades have dissipated. They said to us that this time of day was best if we really wanted to roll with the dunes, and ...
In Piddig, 58 native cows were inseminated with wagyu semen.
Piddig in Ilocos Norte is the hometown of Teofilo “Ilocano Shark” Yldefonso, the first Filipino Olympic medalist. The town also carved a name in history because of the Basi Revolt in 1807, which stemmed from the wine monopoly by the Spanish colonial ...
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