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The Marcos-era agricultural scheme is back in the spotlight.
An exchange between Senator Imee Marcos and Department of Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez during a hearing at the Senate earlier this week brought back into the limelight a once dormant term: Masagana 99.It was Marcos who brought up the phrase, an agricultural ...
She didn’t graduate from the U.P. College of Law, either.
Ilocos Norte governor and current senatorial candidate Imee Marcos never received a degree from Princeton University, says the university's student paper, contrary to the information provided in her biography and official Facebook profile. The Daily Princetonian, the school’s official student publication and one ...
Imee Marcos emerged as the most mentioned candidate on Twitter, but it's probably not what she had hoped for.
Let’s get one thing straight: televised debates are not definitive judges of a candidate’s capacity to hold elective office. They can be too "showbiz," often glamorizing personality politics. The platform demands grandstanding from candidates, resulting in snappy one-liners that may not have proper context. ...
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