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How to overcome those feelings of self-doubt.
Political reporter Jerry has long flirted with joining The Great Resignation until his feelings of self-doubt and being an "impostor" in a local newsroom keeps him from joining foreign agencies. It's a cycle that needs to stop.Jerry is finishing his master's degree and has ...
Reality is stranger than fiction. 
We’re officially living in a dystopia. While we’re beginning to understand the appeal of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, we’re still wrapping our heads around this bizarre piece of news: a virtual plot of land in the digital world called Decentraland was sold for ...
To be precise, it's $3,002.
Despite all the noise Facebook—sorry, we mean Meta—makes or all the ads that Amazon churns out, the king of tech (in terms of revenue) is none other than Apple. The pandemic and lockdown accelerated the growth of tech at unprecedented levels. The ...
Learn from the country’s top branding creatives.
Techpreneurs are constantly finding new ways to create, grow, and introduce their startups to local communities and foreign investors, but there’s one thing that persistently plagues even the best and the brightest innovators in the industry, no matter how good they are: ...
Wondering where to transfer to?
Are you a fresh grad wondering where to apply to? Or maybe just someone considering a change in scenery? You might want to check out these top companies ranked by the regional HR organization HR Asia.Twenty-three Philippine companies were recognized by HR ...
Fewer cases don't mean COVID-19 is gone.
Like millions working from home for nearly two years, copywriter Pat dreads the thought of bringing the virus home and infecting her lola if she is called back to the office as cases go down with wider vaccinations.That's post-pandemic anxiety, according to ...
They're 'evaluating options.'
GCash said it was "evaluating options" on cryptocurrency trading with the goal of giving its 51 million users access to it "soonest", seeking to diversify further from being the Philippines' most widely-used digital wallet.The joint venture between Globe Telecom and Chinese billionaire ...
Who is the ROAT? Richest of all time.
Who is the real GOAT in sports? Before we get a riot on our hands, let’s begin by saying we’re not here to pronounce the greatest of the greats. No, we’re here to discuss another superlative—the richest of all time. Elite athletes sign ...
According to Forbes.
Forbes has just released a ranking of the world's top female-friendly companies. The list, comprised of 300 companies, was compiled by surveying 85,000 women in 40 countries all over the world. The inaugural ranking identifies the "companies leading the way when it comes ...
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