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Who would have guessed that an HBO show would teach us more about stock markets than our own stock market?
Whether you found Industry in the depths of the pandemic like the OG followers of the BBC/HBO investment bank-based workplace drama, or caught on sometime after, there’s one experience shared by all: confusion over the show's flummoxing finance jargon. Unless, of course, you work ...
He is spending P1.5 billion to roll out modern jeepneys by 2027.
Manuel “Manny” V. Pangilinan is pouring over P1.5 billion in Byahe (registered as On-Us Solutions, Inc.), his jeepney operator. The investment is made through MPT Mobility Corp., the mobility services unit under Pangilinan's Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation. Byahe is founded by founded by former ...
In times of emergencies, Filipinos turn to… haircare? 
As they say, cleanliness is next to godliness, and there’s no other country as religious as The Philippines in Southeast Asia. According to research from Packworks Sari IQ, Filipinos are more likely to spend on self-care and self-hygiene products in the event of ...
Those Coursera courses are helpful in the long term, after all. 
Long gone are the days when recruiters hired people based on alma maters, degree titles, and years of experience. The reality is that skills-based hiring might just yield the best results, especially since hiring for specific positions is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. ...
Work-from-home is so 2020. 
There’s a new trendy work model, and it’s even more flexible than working from home. Introducing “work-from-anywhere,” a new buzzword for lucky employees who get to work from any country or location. Despite how flexible WFH situations might some, most will still ...
What are your thoughts on quiet quitting?
“Quiet quitting” is the latest workforce trend, and not everyone is amused. Despite its name, quiet quitting does not actually mean silently resigning from your job. It actually refers to the act of refusing to take on more tasks than you signed ...
Eleven startups are in the running to win P5.5 million in capital.
Open finance has made its way to the Philippines, and now, Filipino angel investors have teamed up with Brankas to launch the country’s first open finance accelerator. Brankas is Southeast Asia’s leading open finance tech company, and together with Kaya Founders, an ...
Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz has piled $350 million into the “community-driven” rental start-up
Eccentric entrepreneur Adam Neumann, co-founder of the co-working space, WeWork, became known for his outlandish self-predictions while he was riding high on his Silicon Valley ‘unicorn’ wave. After all, the company had been valued at $47 billion at its peak, so why not ...
"The company has taken active steps to address the complaint filed by a former employee."
Philippine fintech startup PayMongo has released a statement in response to the explosive report published by Asian startup publication TechinAsia titled “Fallout at PayMongo: alleged harassment by CEO, founder departures, growth woes.” The investigative report unearthed a formal complaint filed by a former ...
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