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From a 40-plus IFBB pro to a bachelor living the dream life, these fitness vloggers, YouTubers, and bloggers inform and entertain.
When you watch these fitness vloggers, YouTubers, or bloggers on the tiny screen of your cracked smartphone, you’re not only looking for tips on how to get jacked. You’re also looking for entertainment. These six guys, apart from sharing knowledge about, yes, how ...
Who double-tapped?
Vatican officials have launched an investigation after Pope Francis’s official Instagram accout reportedly liked a photo of a Brazilian model. The Catholic News Agency (CAN) said the pope’s verified account liked the photo of model Natalia Garibotto wearing skimpy clothing that looked like ...
Facebook is allegedly collecting unauthorized data for market research.
Facebook is being accused of allegedly spying on Instagram users through the cameras on their mobile phones.Top Story: World's Most Expensive Tree is Being Poached in the Philippines A complaint filed in federal court in San Francisco by user Brittany Conditi said the social ...
Instagram is the unofficial social media home for brands and businesses.
Suck at money? Congrats. You’re part of the 99 percent of people in their 20s floundering when it comes to finance. Adulting is hard, and money is harder—especially when it’s your own and not your parents. My Two Cents is here to break down ...
They're starting to flag those tweaked photos as "false information."
Fond of Photoshopping your 'grams? You may want to go easy on your edits. Facebook, the mother company of Instagram, has rolled out a new feature on the photo-sharing app where "third-party fact-checkers in the US help identify, review, and label false ...
An investigation into inspirational Instagram text and its effects on your brain.
We’re late to the party, but we can’t turn away anymore from the social media chatter that started with a few Instagram posts by celebrity couple, JaDine. That’s singer and actor James Reid and certified cool girl Nadine Lustre for those living ...
The new update is now available for iOS 13 and Android 10 users.
Instagram's dark mode has finally dropped! You can now discreetly creep through your feed at night without straining your eyes or disturbing anyone. The move sees the photo-centric app following suit after Facebook Messenger and Twitter, that both have made the feature accesible ...
Sites of rare natural beauty are being ruined by hordes out to get the perfect shot. Is this latest strike against the reputation of influencers any great surprise?
A superbloom is a rare desert phenomenon where wildflowers blossom in huge numbers, resulting in a sea of orange, yellow or purple petals carpeting hillsides. It's also what causes a swarm of Instagram influencers to hit the roads in search of a ...
We’re not even surprised.
We all know that friend: The one whose Instagram feed never seems to land in the Philippines as he or she only posts photos from trips that took place months before. She's not alone. In fact, tourism industries from all over the ...
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