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The home broadband operator says it now has nearly two million residential subscribers nationwide.
Listed broadband internet provider Converge ICT Solutions Inc. reported a net income of P1.97 billion in the first three months of 2022, up by almost a third from P1.55 billion during the same period last year. During a media briefing, the company attributed ...
For the 4th year in a row.
Smart Communications is officially the fastest mobile network in the country, based on an independent study by internet metrics service Ookla. The analytics platform showed the PLDT-owned network with a speed score of 44.70 during the first half of the year. Rival ...
The broadband provider is upping its game.
Converge ICT Solutions is doubling down on its efforts to “expand its capabilities in telecommunications” by acquiring shares in two companies worth a total of $7.5 million (P358.47 million). The listed broadband internet provider announced via two separate disclosures in the Philippine Stock ...
Satellite internet in the Philippines will soon become a reality.
Starlink is a satellite internet system from Elon Musk’s Space X. Essentially it seeks to provide internet to the most remote locations across the planet by sending data via radio signals through space instead of cables. In October last year, Starlink started its ...
That’s almost a full day’s shift.
At this point, internet access has long moved past privilege and is now into essential territory. Millions rely on it for work and productivity, especially during the pandemic. But just how pricey is internet in the Philippines in relation to how much ...
The Philippine Competition Commission charged a developer for doing just that.
Everybody deserves internet, but you have the right to choose a service provider which one based on your needs and budget. You can’t be forced to subscribe to one based on the whims of your landlord or condo developer. That’s exactly what happened ...
If you’re still looking for reliable home internet, there’s a new broadband provider in town.
Meralco, the country’s largest private electric distribution company, is getting into the broadband internet game. The company, which is chaired by Manny Pangilinan, is launching Red Broadband, an unlimited fiber broadband and pay TV service, through a partnership between its wholly owned ...
A global digital well-being study reveals the poor state of Internet in the Philippines.
Access to the Internet has become a sore spot for the Philippines lately. Now that people are working from home, most are finding that their personal providers are slow, unreliable, or, worst, unavailable, as in there is no connection to the world wide ...
Dennis Anthony Uy says the company is doing everything it can to respond to its customer’s needs.
Converge ICT Solutions Inc. has issued a statement addressing customer complaints related to its internet services. The statement comes from no less than the founder and CEO of Converge ICT, Dennis Anthony Uy.Also read: The Most Prominent Families in Manila“I am reaching out to ...
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