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Take this as a sign to finally upgrade your old phone.
When the iPhone 13—which was officially unveiled in mid-September—hit Philippine stores in October, folks across the Metro and beyond queued up on release-day weekend to finally purchase Apple's latest flagship smartphone series. Now, even if you didn't line up to get first dibs ...
It also comes in red, orange, teal, and blue.
The iPhone 12 Mini is a triumph. Tech junkies consider the model as a serious step forward for Apple, and is one of the best ones in its chipset tier (Apple A14 Bionic, 5 nm) in terms of its performance and speed. And ...
Reports say a major test for a foldable iPhone has just been completed.
There have been reports of a foldable Apple iPhone for years, but tech tongues are wagging that we could be seeing an actual, real-life model sooner rather than later. Tech site MacRumors says two prototype foldable iPhones have passed internal durability tests recently, ...
At last year's Apple Keynote, the monstrously valuable, $2-trillion tech company revealed its googly-eyed, camera-forward smartphones. We're calling them that for the trio of cameras bugging out from the back of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, and the duo ...
Did you faint?
If you thought Apple products were pricey, then get a load of this custom iPhone 11. It costs an eye-watering $7,680. In local currency, that’s more than P385,000. Let that sink in.This thing is called the Caviar Cyberphone. Caviar says the design ...
Even in countries where the virus hits the hardest, interests for iPhone SE 2020 are still rising and even overtaking interests in crucial Covid-19 information.
The bestselling iPhone model of all time is, reportedly, the iPhone 6 and its slightly bigger model, the iPhone 6+. Just three months after it was released in November 2014, it had already sold an incredible 71.5 million units, according to Investopedia. ...
It might be cheaper than the iPhone 11
Apple's most recent flagship phone, the iPhone 11, was released in September 2019 and this past April they just unveiled the iPhone SE 2020, a more affordable model with considerably high specs in a compact size. Now, less than a year after ...
Ranked from the cheapest to most expensive.
With Apple coming out with the iPhone SE (2020), a.k.a. their budget smartphone, and all the talk about the highly anticipated iPhone 12 circulating online, it's interesting to see just how much iPhones actually cost in other countries.The Mac Index is a ...
It's also half the price of the iPhone 11.
At its cheapest, the latest iPhone is only $399 for a 64GB model—half the price of the iPhone 11 when it was introduced. Apple's newest product is the latest iteration of the iPhone SE, which was first introduced in 2016. Bringing back a ...
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