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Welcome to the future of ballistics. 
The Israel Ministry of Defense has unveiled its most advanced weapon yet—a laser cannon installed on an aircraft. The weapon was able to shoot down all of the target drones that were moving at high speeds more than 1 kilometer away.The laser ...
For the first time in 12 years, Israel has a new prime minister.
The historic and at times divisive reign of Benjamin Netanyahu is officially over. On Sunday, Israeli’s parliament voted to approve a new coalition and install former Netanyahu ally Naftali Bennett as Prime Minister—sending Netanyahu and the Likud party into the opposition for ...
Sources said the AFP had already made the decision to acquire the tank earlier this year.
The Armed Forces of the Philippines has reportedly selected an Israeli defense company to supply the Philippine Army with light tanks as part of the government’s military modernization program.A report in popular defense blog MaxDefense Philippines, citing sources from within the Philippine ...
There is so much more to see and do aside from completing a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
In the 1930s, Jewish refugees fleeing from Europe sought a safe haven wherever they could find one. However, many nations preferred to keep their borders shut, turning a deaf ear toward the pleas of a desperate population.When Philippine President Manuel Quezon heard ...
From Africa and Asia's hottest beachfronts to the most underrated U.S. cities.
In 2017, you're going to need your passport—and your sense of adventure. Our top destinations to visit this year will have you heading out on safari, exploring historic Eastern Europe and South America, tapping into Scandinavia's natural wonders, sunbathing on the beaches ...
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