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We can’t wait to travel again.
If you’re like us, you’re probably close to going mad since the lockdown effectively squelched our plans to freely travel anywhere that’s not in our immediate vicinity. But the vaccine is on its way (hopefully) and at this point, it’s only a ...
What’s her travel goal for 2020?
Nicole Marie del Rosario spent many summer vacations as a kid going on road trips to Baguio or Albay, where her grandmother lives. These early travels with her family stoked the fires of adventure inside her, so much so that by the ...
They replaced "It's more fun in the Philippines" with this?!
After years of campaigns that resembled karaoke machine commercials, the Philippine Department of Tourism decided to go a different route with their latest #WhenWithFilipinos promotion. For the moment, we're forgetting the awkward syntax in the hashtag to focus on the content. Instead of cramming ...
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