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Celebrating 90 years of the flip-over watch.
In 2021 Jaeger-LeCoultre will celebrate the 90th anniversary of its most famous watch, the Reverso. Distinguished by its rectangular-case-within-a-case and its Art Deco stylings, the Reverso’s key feature is, of course, its flip-over face.Developed for fashion conscious ‘sporting gentleman’ – which in ...
The 187-year-old brand has got classic nailed. Now, with a pair of sporty new releases, it's got cutting-edge covered, too.
When Catherine Rénier took over as CEO at Jaeger-LeCoultre just over two years ago, she had a straightforward plan: “To get our voice heard. To shed light on the fact we had been a little too quiet over previous years. What was ...
A limited edition for The King's Man.
Jaeger-LeCoultre has teamed up with Kingsman, the action-spy-comedy movie franchise noted for its spiffy tailoring, to produce a limited edition watch. The Master Ultra Thin Kingsman Knife is a classic dress watch in a 40mm pink gold case and commemorates the upcoming release of The ...
The new take on a JLC classic is now available for pre-order.
f there’s one noise in the electric cacophony of daily life I’d like to do away with forever, it’s the alarm tone on my iPhone. I’ve tried the full gamut of digital wakey-wakeys, each one more irritating—as I crack an eyelid—than the ...
Three additions to the Master Control collection marry paired-down looks with scaled-up functionality.
If you’re in the market to spend a serious amount of money on a watch, there are plenty of ways you can let people know that this is what you’ve done. You could go for something ‘complicated’ with multiple sub-dials, an overworked ...
A true watch fan will be able to tell the timepiece you’re wearing (and measure your net worth) with little more than a passing glance at your wrist. Here is a rundown of the telltale giveaways that distinguish an essential watch from the pack.
After a few drinks at a 50th Anniversary Homecoming Reunion (you know how we love those), a man who was easily 20 years younger suddenly trailed off midsentence as he fixed a stare at my left wrist. I thought he was just ...
Luxury and technical expertise come together in one of Switzerland’s last true manufactures.
The Vallée du Joux was shrouded in fog when I pulled up in a car from Geneva that Tuesday morning. The road cutting through the green hills disappeared into the milky white mist and took us past the small town of Le ...
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