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The stars just aligned.
Carmen Apigo, 76, is the principal of the Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School and the administrator of the Philippine-Japan Historical Museum in Davao. She is a Japanese descendant, a Nikkei Jin—a fact that she shared with friends and colleagues only later ...
Restrictions on guided tours have also been lifted.
While COVID-19 still persists in most parts of the globe, countries are already reopening their borders to jumpstart their tourism. Japan, for one, opened its borders to international tourists on June 10—as long as you're part of a guided tour. But Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced on ...
Treat yo’ self.
Japan has always been a travel destination favorite, and while the country has started to open up once again to tourists, for many, the dream of visiting the land of sushi, cherry blossoms, and samurais remains just that—a dream. The next best thing ...
A complete global branding overhaul is happening.
Miniso, the Chinese retail chain that sells a variety of household, electronics, and consumer products, has issued an apology for promoting itself as a Japanese-style brand and vowed to “de-Japanize” its stores moving forward. In a statement issued on the Chinese social media ...
Due to a downward trend in alcohol consumption.
Lifestyle changes were inevitable during the pandemic. In Japan's case, one of the global health crisis' effects on its citizens apparently is lower drinking numbers among young people. Its solution? To launch a nationwide drinking competition.The government's "Sake Viva!" campaign will be ...
Injap is heading to the Land of the Rising Sun.
There are many international hospitality brands that have set up shop in the Philippines, but no homegrown hotel company has done the opposite and actually expanded overseas. Until now. Hotel 101, the hotel brand of Injap Sia’s DoubleDragon Properties Inc., is pushing through ...
The DPWH is calling it a ‘superstructure.’
Do we need fancy bridges with eye-catching arches? Maybe not, since a simple structure will probably get the job done just as well. You have to admit, though, that it is kind of nice seeing new pieces of infrastructure with some effort put ...
Japan is the 5th most powerful military in the world.
The official account of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force or JMSDF has posted a photo of its 11 destroyers sailing next to each other. It wasn’t clear when the photo was taken, or whether the warships in the photo were taking part ...
But this time, data is on Musk’s side.
When you’re the world’s richest man, a single tweet can have the effect of a financial windfall or economic disaster on the subject of your post. That's exactly the power of Elon Musk. On May 8, 2022, Japan became the unfortunate subject of ...
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