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Momoa, who’s done everything from jujitsu to fighting with a trident, became a disciple of Kali when he began training for Dune.
Jason Momoa—Khal of Khals, Chieftain of the Alkenny, and without a doubt, one of the coolest men on the planet. That’s a pretty awesome guy to have for a father. Not everyone gets to boast that their pops is Aquaman or Khal ...
Plus, the no-kit workout that was the "the hardest thing I’ve ever done"
Believe it or not, one of Jason Momoa's New Year's resolutions is to exercise more. We're not kidding — the Hollywood A-lister that's jibed at on the internet for being more stacked than his bodyguards isn't currently content with his bill of ...
Jason Momoa's Super Bowl commercial is just too brilliant.
The Super Bowl is America’s most anticipated annual sporting event, and year after year, advertising agencies and brands pull out the big guns for 60 seconds of airtime on the Super Bowl’s largest stage.This year, Jason Momoa sheds his muscles to reveal ...
He also opened up about his environmental activism in an Esquire US interview
There’s a very real and very unfortunate dearth of beefcakes on TV nowadays. The last true Hollywood-standard hunk to grace our screens was Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, but we only got a single season out of him before he became one ...
If he gets to keep his German Shepherd co-star from AppleTV+'s See, it'll be because she's cool with it.
Jason Momoa may be a colossus of a man, the kind of guy no sensible person would challenge to a fight, but he stands down before at least one person: his wife, Lisa Bonet.On the set of See, his new Apple TV+ show ...
The new streaming series has Bird Box vibes on a Game of Thrones budget.
If Apple TV+ has cornered the streaming market in one area, it's the art of producing trailers that look expensive as hell. At Tuesday's Apple event, Tim Cook introduced the first trailer for the Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard series See. In the ...
Please direct all future inquiries about Jason Momoa's body to his Guinness birthday cake.
Despite the internet firestorm surrounding Jason Momoa’s “dad bod” earlier this month, the Aquaman actor seemed blissfully ignorant to the conversation surrounding him. Momoa hadn’t noticed, because he’s been celebrating his birthday with friends and a Guinness birthday cake, but when TMZ stopped Momoa earlier this week ...
The Aquaman actor is being body-shamed on social media for a picture of his unflexed abs on vacation.
The Internet, rife with vitriol and a lack of common decency, has found a new target this week—Jason Momoa’s unflexed abs. After US Weeklyposted a photo of the Aquaman lead in Venice, commenters started calling his physique a “dad bod,” asking what happened to his ...
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