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'I've always thought of August 18 as a homecoming.'
Jesse Robredo was the nation's Secretary of the Interior and Local Government when the small plane he was onboard went missing on August 18, 2012, off the coast of Masbate.Robredo had been mayor of Naga City for six terms, and was the ...
The eldest daughter of Jesse and Leni Robredo shares what she's learned during her year abroad.
If the future is in the hands of our graduates, then there’s little to worry about, as many of them are doing us proud.Graduates from both local universities and prestigious institutions abroad are raking in diplomas and awards, and among those are ...
Today, on the fifth anniversary of his death, we remember the wisdom of a beloved public servant who died too soon.
When I was four years old, my father was stricken with retinitis pigmentosa—night blindness. So my father lost his eyesight when I was four years old. And you know, he inspired all of us, because despite of that, the difficulty, he raised ...
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