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The Age of Umbrage delivers the author’s trademark wit and sarcasm, but with a hopeful twist.
In Jessica Zafra’s The Age of Umbrage, we meet Guada. Precocious, no-nonsense and a voracious consumer of books, music and film, she anchors a book that is part-bildungsroman and part-social critique, set during a time when pop culture was inescapable, but just ...
JZ turns to a Spanish novelist, poetry and familiar popcorn flicks during a monthlong sojourn in Spain.
A Heart So White by Javier MariasIt took me years to get through Marias’s digressive, meandering styles and finish one of his novels, but now that I know how they work, I love them. One of his best novels, about gestures and ...
Our resident devourer of pop culture has Almodovar and Spanish novelists on her mind this month.
I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora EphronAssymetry by Lisa HallidayThis novel about a young writer who has an affair with a much, much older writer who is expected to win the Nobel Prize, by a writer who had an affair ...
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