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It can take millions of years to grow a diamond, and technology can now do it much quicker in a traceable, ethical way. But not everyone is convinced.
"I like the idea of a process – of nature – creating this crystal; how it's survived this journey from deep within the Earth under geological circumstances; how it makes it to the surface and have man realize the beauty of it. ...
The styles you need to know before taking the plunge, plus the added dose of confidence to help you do it.
If you, like millions of viewers around the world, tuned into The Last Dance each week this past spring, you might've noticed something shiny glinting inconspicuously from MJ's ever-vigilant ears. Yes, the man who singlehandedly made basketball one of the biggest sports in the world and ...
When you've got limited avenues through which to flex, accessories make all the difference.
Call me Frodo fucking Baggins because I, too, get a manic glint in my eye when I see a ring I really want, and will also go to absurd lengths to make it mine. A ring, and, ah, what it conventionally represents, ...
It's roughly the size of a tennis ball.
Louis Vuitton is working to transform an exceptionally rare diamond specimen—a 1758-carat stone; the second-largest rough-cut diamond ever to be discovered.The precious stone, now named Sewelô—which means Rare Find in the Setswana language—was discovered in April 2019 at the Karowe mine in ...
The Great Frog is favored by celebrities including Jay Z and Gigi Hadid.
Every ring designed by The Great Frog starts off as a block of wax in the hands of Reino Lehtonen-Riley. It might end up as a skull or an eerily lifelike eyeball framed in nine-carat gold, made by the same woman who ...
The luxury conglomerate’s bid has been approved by the American jewelry brand.
Last October, French luxury conglomerate LVMH made a bid to buy American jewelry company Tiffany & Co. for $14.5 billion. That initial bid, however, was rebuffed.Earlier today, various news reports surrounding LVMH’s higher bid swirled, and now, the deal has been officially approved.LVMH will buy ...
There’s a piece for every kind of personality.
If you’ve ever bought jewelry for your girlfriend, then you can probably attest to the task’s difficulty. Not only are there many options on the market to choose from, but you also have to consider your girlfriend’s preferences, and those things are ...
Manila’s top jewelers talk to us about what it takes to repurpose cherished heirlooms.
In French, the bijoux de remploi is the ingenious art of finding ‘diamonds in the rough’ among one’s vintage treasures and making them completely new. The metamorphosis is often quite striking when heirloom baubles get primped and preened into contemporary classics that ...
From fabulous vintage-inspired diamonds to statement-making gemstones, here are contemporary alternatives for declaring your modern love.
With weddings as one of the oldest traditions in society, it’s no wonder that people subscribe to what that tradition entails—perhaps even down to the engagement ring’s design. One often thinks of a single stone on a simple band, with more extravagant ...
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