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Restart your career with a handpicked list of remote work opportunities from around the world.  
If you’ve found yourself out of work because of “right-sizing” (that’s being let go in normal language) or if you’re just tired of the shenanigans in your current gig, check out Remotists, the online newsletter that curates more than a hundred remote ...
Health, safety, and hygiene roles will be on the rise.
Disruptions in how companies conduct business are leading executives to rethink the mix of jobs they will need when the crisis is over. A study by business consultancy firm McKinsey & Company highlights the workplace shifts happening now:READ MORE ABOUT PANDEMIC JOBS14 Sites For ...
Life goes on.
No one knew how life-altering the COVID-19 pandemic was in the beginning of the year, and college seniors are just a handful of people whose lives were very much impacted by the coronavirus.On spending what would have been the last sem of her ...
It profiles job risks from a variety of sectors and industries.
Researchers from the University of the Philippines have created a data analytics site that estimates the risk levels of people to contract the coronavirus depending on their jobs or profession. Developed by a team from the UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response and the UP-Los ...
What you need to know about Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators or POGOs
If you're wondering why there are so so many mainland Chinese nationals taking up residence all over the Philippines these days, it's because many of them have been brought here by Philippine offshore gaming operators (POGOs), the online casino industry that may soon ...
The Monster Employment Index shows the highest rise in demand in the consumer goods industry.
If you’re looking for a change in career, you might do well to check out openings within the consumer goods, hospitality, health care and IT sectors. According to the most recent Monster Employment Index (MEI), these industries recorded the highest jumps in demand ...
LinkedIn reveals the country's top emerging jobs.
Are you thinking about the next step in your career path? Want a change of pace professionally? Or are you curious about what’s in demand in the current job market?LinkedIn has the answers. It recently released a report detailing the fastest growing ...
It is an outrageous misconception that the Truly Rich Lady does not need to work or does not love working when, in fact, it is the reverse.
Hello! Just wanted to drop in and say this: I do work. I know what weekends are. I know where money comes from (not from trees, but from working). I know where the power button of my laptop is located. I know ...
If you thought your job was dull, well, it might be.
Stressful jobs are one thing, but feeling as though you are literally counting down the minutes of the day while the life slowly ebbs out your brain is another. Being bored really is worse than being busy.Emoulent wanted to get to the ...
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