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Todd Phillips has braced himself for a fan backlash already
Anyone knocking together a comic book franchise-related film these days—and it'll probably be you soon, there's so many that we'll be on a jury duty-style rota within the decade—must reckon with the eternal struggle of the form.Do you cleave closely to the ...
Joaquin Phoenix looks like he's channeling his inner-Bickle.
You probably reckon Joaquin Phoenix's greasy, frayed take on the Joker is the most important part of the Joker trailer. That's fair enough. The film's called Joker, isn't it? It's about the Joker. Phoenix hogs the screen time. It's all about him, ...
This take on the iconic villain looks like a terrifying character study.
Even though there have been a half-dozen versions of the Joker in recent years, no take on the iconic villain has been able to really capture the origin story of this twisted man. Who is the Joker? Why is he such a ...
You can't un-see it.
I would like to believe that I'm a stable adult man who generally handles scary things pretty well. Yes, Hereditary shook me to my core, and Itwas creepy as hell, but for the most part I can handle this shit.The first look at Joaquin Phoenix in ...
He's gone in a different direction to Jared Leto, that's for sure
We finally have our first look at Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker in Todd Phillip’s standalone film, and it’s not quite what we expected.Rumors have long suggested it will be an origin story, and that made of a lot of sense. We’ve ...
But everyone else does.
Unlike Method Actor Jared Leto™, who very much cared about what you think about his Joker, Joaquin Phoenix couldn't care less about playing the iconic Batman villain. In a new interview with Indie Wire, Phoenix was dismissive of his upcoming gig.In an interview ...
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