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Remember toxic candies?
This whole incident with Jollibee and the deep-fried towel got us thinking about all of the other stories involving horrible and disgusting urban legends attached to food items over the years. Some of them are just that: stories that have been shared and ...
It's all about passion.
Over 2,500 franchisees, franchisors, entrepreneurs, experts, and executives attended the biggest and first-ever virtual Franchisee Summit in the Philippines. The event was graced by world-renowned franchise relationships guru Greg Nathan, who shared what the Franchisee Wheel of Excellence is all about. In a ...
Behold the sheer magnitude of the country’s largest food service network.
Every Filipino knows Jollibee. Some might even be aware of all the other food businesses the company owns beyond the flagship brand. But not a lot of people are aware that Jollibee Foods Corp. (JFC), the parent company and the country’s largest ...
Losses have begun to narrow in the quarter ended September.
Jollibee said Monday it closed 339 stores permanently due to challenges posed by COVID-19 as losses narrowed in the quarter ended September, signaling a potential recovery.Of the total, 118 are in the Philippines while 221 are located abroad. On the flipside, it opened 180 stores at the ...
It’s not as bad as the second quarter.
Jollibee Foods Corp. (JFC) reported a net loss of P1.6 billion in the third quarter of the year, nearly a 200 percent decline from net income of P1.673 billion in the same period in 2019. The loss was, however, an improvement from ...
The Hong Kong brand finally enters the Chinese market.
Tim Ho Wan, the critically acclaimed dim sum restaurant chain from Hong Kong, has finally made its debut in mainland China 11 years after its inception. China’s first-ever Tim Ho Wan is located in Shanghai, the financial hub that is home to ...
But the company expects to bounce back to profitability by the end of the year.
Jollibee Foods Corp. (JFC), the country’s largest food service company, posted a net loss of P11.96 billion for the first six months of 2020, a staggering drop from a net income of P2.50 billion during the same period last year. The company ...
The fast food giant has ensured that all safety protocols will be met.
Jollibee is warming up to a new normal of stickered floors queues, social distancing, face shields, and obsessive disinfection. The fast food giant is taking all the steps to assure customers that it's once again safe to enjoy a plate of Jollibee Spaghetti ...
Willie Villano is 82 years old and though he's unheard of by most people, he has crafted a legacy.
Wilfredo Villano is 82 years old. On the phone, he speaks extra loud, as if unassured that his message is getting through or unconvinced that he can hear the other end well. Maybe both. He speaks with the affable, affectionate tone of a doting grandparent ...
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