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Explore the Filipino identity with each portrait.
Carlo S. Tanseco’s second exhibit, “Alias Elias,” explores how we view our Filipino identity through our National Hero.After his successful show last May for Art Fair Philippines, Carlo S. Tanseco opened his second one-man show, Alias Elias, on thursday (December 2) at ...
The national hero’s activities in Dapitan prove that he was the quintessential Renaissance man.
When Jose Rizal was shipped off to Dapitan—a sleepy town at the northernmost tip of the Zamboanga Peninsula—he had lived in Madrid, Paris, and London; taken a train across the United States; made acquaintances with European intellectuals; and written two novels that ...
Elizabeth Jane McBride Bracken had been buried in an unmarked grave since 1876.
The story of Jose Rizal’s relationship with Josephine Bracken is well-known and oft-told. Bracken lived with Rizal when he was exiled to Dapitan and, according to some accounts, the couple got married the night before Rizal’s execution.Bracken herself was born in Hong ...
Instead of looking at what Filipino heroes accomplished, maybe it is more important to recognize how they lived their lives and for whom.
It is often said that Philippine history is the history of the struggle of the many against the few. Our society concentrates power and resources at the hands of the few elite, while millions are left to fend for scraps and suffer ...
Can our national hero actually be a serial killer?
It’s always fun to imagine alternate history scenarios, especially when they involve well-known personalities. There are tons associated with Dr. Jose Rizal (was he really the father of Adolf Hitler?!), but an interesting one has our national hero and Jack the Ripper ...
Historian Ambeth Ocampo says Rizal would be a foodie, too.
If Jose Rizal were alive today, what would he have been up to in these uncertain times?In an entertaining video released this week, Alon Philippines asked historian Ambeth Ocampo, “What if Jose Rizal were alive in lockdown 2020?”READ MORE ABOUT JOSE RIZAL:Jose ...
Thankfully, reason won in the protracted battle between the State and the Church. 
Can you imagine what school would be like if it didn’t teach anything about Jose Rizal and his novels? That’s exactly what would have happened if the Catholic Church triumphed over Senator Claro M. Recto more than 60 years ago.Top Story: These Famous ...
It was Rizal's leadership that brought people together to bring about change and moral awakening across the country.
The Philippines would not have achieved independence from Spain on June 12, 1898 without the patriotic leadership of Dr. Jose Rizal, whose writings instilled nationalism among his countrymen that led to a popular revolution years later.Also read: Is Sharon Cuneta Really A Billionaire? When ...
The Monkey and the Turtle is the first children's tale in the Philippines.
July 21 is National Children’s Book Day in the Philippines. It also marks the date when Jose Rizal published in English the tale of The Monkey and the Turtle in the July 1889 issue of Trübner's Oriental Record in England.Top Story: Transwoman Billionaire Wants Clint ...
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