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Four ways to dress for the fickle rainy season, featuring a parka, a Mackintosh, a trench coat, and a cool leather jacket.
This jacket season, don't wear any old thing over your perfect-fit shirts and cuffed trousers. Take this is as an opportunity to inject character into your threads. Here, handsome coats that you can wear on days of mist or deluge.DrizzlingWe know. Leather ...
"I do not engage in nitpicking on my own work. The basic propositions remain valid.”
ESQUIRE: During what precise period were you directly involved in the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP)-New People’s Army (NPA)? What was your role in the organization after your release from imprisonment in 1986 and for how long did ...
Sarge Lacuesta writes a letter to his son on the importance of relishing every experience.
When I was very young, an uncle who was in the Philippine Constabulary let me hold his government-issue revolver. “Don’t worry, it’s empty,” he said, letting the weight fall into my hand. It was gray and dented and scratched up. It looked ...
If you have a quota for only one beef recipe in your life, this is it.
Heston Blumenthal is one of the current in-the-know chefs and I like his steak cooking technique. He breaks a lot of myths about the “turn only once rule.” The steak will have a nice crisp exterior without cooking too long, thanks to ...
When you've identified the fish, scaled and gutted it, how do you actually cook it?
People don’t usually make fish at home because they have no idea how to prepare it. To begin, every variety of fish has a particular way of cooking in which its flavors will shine more. Just like with meat you have, lean ...
The draft chef knows how to make you love a favorite fish even more.
Chef Carlo Miguel of Draft fame is known for his spot-on take on comfort food and his perfect fish and chips, so when we had to come up with a fail-proof salmon recipe, we knew who we had on speed dial. Serves 2For ...
Plus, the types of rice you need to know about
Aside from the color of the rice, the sizes also vary dramatically. If you are at a loss at the grocery and your recipe calls for a peculiar kind of rice, just refer back to this simple ratio. Long grain is three times longer than ...
The recipe for the perfect midnight snack? Churros and peach smoothies.
Heat up late nights with spicy chocolate churros and a side of peach smoothies.CHURROSIngredientsInstructionsPEACH SMOOTHIESIngredientsInstructionsDrain peaches. Blend everything together with four ice cubes. Garnish with some fresh strawberries.This article originally appeared in the August 2016 issue of Esquire Philippines. Minor edits have been made by ...
How to cook your meat correctly.
My problem with meat was that I was too nice to it. Like a lot of tentative amateur cooks, I was intimidated by meat, especially great meat—its heft and grandeur, its copious marbling, its protruding bones and prohibitive cost. The idea of ruining it scared the ...
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