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In "The Fancy Dancer," essayist Jack Wigley remembers dancing with prostitutes.
I didn’t know that these girls, who were good to me and mother, were prostitutes. I just thought about them as my aunts.I was in grade four when Mother rented a barbecue space along Fields Avenue in Balibago. When my parents separated and ...
In those days, broadcasters didn't build personality cults, didn't rack up product endorsements like Friday night beers at a neighborhood bar.
My sister and I grew up in newsrooms. Our summer vacations from school were often spent on unpaid “internships” at wherever our dad, a lifelong radio man, happened to be working. We would linger at breakfast in the clothes we’d slept in, ...
Nail the perfect pork dish with these techniques.
When we think of pigs, there are two aspects that come to mind: the first is the pink animal that is lazy, fat, smelly, and rolls around in its own feces—qualities that invite frequent comparisons to certain government officials, rolling in their ...
Because every good chef knows how to make even the less popular cuts shine.
Let’s get down to the real swine. Here’s a complete guide to dealing with the meat Filipinos love to eat.Pork Shoulder or ButtPerfect for stews, ground meat, smoked (pulled pork), or roasted whole. Ask for the blade roast if you want something ...
Do you want to make perfect sisig?
Ingredients:Directions Chop the pork into chunks. In a container, combine the pork, garlic, onions, bay leaves, water, and vinegar. Let stand in the fridge overnight. Next day, put the mix in a pot, bring to a boil and simmer for 45 minutes. Drain ...
Raising the bar for bar snacks
The idea of tapas has grown exponentially since the days when bars in Spain would give away bite-sized snacks with glasses of vino. More often than not, these tapas would consist of un-wanted fish remains, donated free to said bars by local ...
Now you’ll always have bacon in your kitchen.
Everything is better with homemade bacon. Why settle for a transparent pack of frozen cured meat with no provenance and more fat than meat, when you can select your own cut from your butcher and get to call your bacon artisanal.IngredientsInstructionsThis article ...
Do you want to know the story behind tinola?
You may think you know these concoctions by heart, these steaming bowls redolent of salt and wonder. But behind these Pinoy staples are secret histories you never suspected. Tinola Ginger broth soup most popularly served with chicken. A favorite of Jose Rizal, who imbued ...
The master mixologist, and the co-owner of restaurants Maharlika and Jeepney in NYC, tells us what he's learned.
If I were a cocktail, I’d probably be one from the boozy, brown, and bitter—stirred—category of cocktails for reasons both literal and inexplicable. I may at times seem like a Sazerac or a Vieux Carre yet, on the average, I’m simply more ...
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