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"Photography is a privilege, it always has been. Because once you’ve shot something, it’s like you're holding on to it. You’re not leaving the experience."
Xyza Bacani quickly rose from obscurity—as a nanny in Hong Kong who took pictures on her days off—to become one of photojournalism’s most promising talents. Her work documenting migrant workers and survivors of human trafficking, capturing their unbroken spirit, not their victimhood, ...
"I was already so tired I protested almost in tears, 'Lino no no no, ayoko na!' and he said, 'Stand up, stand up! This is what we need!'"
BEMBOL ROCO: They did a very good job restoring the film. It felt really good seeing my young self. The beauty of the film is still there. That’s the reason why I feel really proud and I feel very good about it— ...
It's a vegetable epiphany.
I'm a chef who grew up in the era just before the green-market revolution. Like so many others, my mother was a Birds Eye queen, and the Jolly Green Giant was her best friend, always hiding in the cupboard. So as I grew ...
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