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You have to be mad to be a paparazzo, but that was the life Roberto Bellini led in Italy, before he became Cubao’s intrepid restaurateur.
This story begins in Bellini's, an eponymously named restaurant in Cubao Expo, Quezon City. There is a miniature replica of the leaning tower of Pisa out front; inside, more Italian icons come to vivid, campy life in a frieze: the Roman colosseum, ...
Centuries-old Binondo, a place that barely changes, is going through urban redevelopment. We eat down and dirty in Chinatown before it turns into another Fort.
As China continues to dredge the sea and build up their great wall of sand on pieces of rock that are rightfully ours, Chinatown, the physical location and the universal concept, continues to exist in place as they always have. In countries ...
Ronnie Lazaro on the meaning of life, his acting career, and becoming a director.
We actors are taught how to enter a character, but nobody ever tells us how to get out.My first movie was Gumising ka… Maruja by Lino Brocka, which was shot in Bacolod. Looking back, I was like a zombie. I didn’t really ...
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