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Beliebers assemble.
Beliebers, listen up. Justin Bieber is coming back to Manila for his Justice World Tour. The 28-year-old pop superstar has announced the final dates for his current tour and Manila has officially been included as a stop. According to the release, the Justice ...
He’s no longer permitted to buy the brand’s cars.
Remember Philipp Plein? If not, let us jog your memory. The dude is a German fashion designer who dressed up and flaunted his Ferrari in ways the brand deemed ‘distasteful.’ He ended up in a legal battle with the carmaker.Why bring this up? Because another ...
Recent fits point to a potential growing up.
Generally speaking, growing up kind of blows. People start talking about semi-detached houses. You get lines on your face. And though there is the strange, nebulous phenomenon of "finding yourself at 30", it was one no doubt conjured up by 40-year-olds that ...
Bieber makes a strong case for socks and Crocs.
Some things in life are coincidences. Others are fate. I wrote about the Great Crocs Renaissance we are living in mere days before last Thursday, when my fellow Canadian homeboy Justin Bieber just so happened to hint at an upcoming Crocs collab. Hmmm. (Please just let ...
The world's biggest pop stars are going a bit Old Testament at the barbers.
Italy: that's one place you can freely travel to. For now, anyway. So go. Entomb fresh pasta in a shower of parmesan. Cash in all those lockdown hours spent on Duolingo. Instagram a photo of the clear azure Venetian waters, then remark how ...
Of course, they're hot pink and have a teddy bear on them.
Checking back in with Justin Bieber on day [insert day here, I have no freaking idea] of quarantine, it's clear that one thing about our boy remains true, even under these extraordinary circumstances: He is still extremely Justin Bieber. By that, of course, ...
He took to the streets of L.A. wearing sweats. He is exactly as he should be.
Did you feel that? You know, that feeling of things falling into place? Kind of like when you do a really good arms-over-the-head stretch and something cracks in your neck and suddenly you feel so much better? I felt it. Yep, all ...
Even with his fly down, it's hard to get behind this fit.
Imagine a man driving a car along an empty road. On this road, there is no speed limit. In the distance, he can see all there is to see. There's nothing blocking his view, there is no reason for him to change ...
It's by Stüssy, and you can get it now.
As we embark on not only a new year but a new decade, there's an understandable impulse to put away the past and stride confidently into the future. This is, of course, impossible. These clean demarkations in time, they're just fantasies—small ways ...
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