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Is there really a curse?
The Kardashian curse is at it again. Or at least, according to Twitter it is. After the Phoenix Suns were demolished by the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA Finals, netizens were quick to take to social media with their witty—and salty—comments on ...
Every family is different in how they display their wealth.
When it comes to financial successes, some people like to keep it in the family, which is what makes a combined fortune even larger. Just this month, Forbes released its annual rundown of the world’s wealthiest people and it comes as no ...
Tristan Thompson knew the stakes and blew it. Many times.
In the decade-plus of the Kardashian family’s reign as tabloid queens, cosmetic moguls, reality TV mavens, fashion trendsetters, perfume shillers, Instagram rulers, catwalk mainstays, and whatever it is that Kourtney does, they have each publicly dated a number of famous men. Formula ...
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