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One doesn't need a murdered dog to dress in perpetual mourning.
John Wick dresses how he feels. Dark. And there's good reason for the funereal garb: Everyone he knows, and loves, is dead. His wife. His lovely dog, Daisy. Even his extended family back in Belarus. But some time ago, long before the ...
Of course Keanu had immense respect for the animals.
Let's take a look back through recent months of the Keanusance: Keanu plays himself in Always Be My Maybe, Keanu wraps filming on Bill & Ted Face the Music, Keanu announces he's resurrecting Neo in Matrix 4, Keanu gets deepfaked as a little girl on Sesame Street… ah! Here’s a new one. ...
Tim Allen, a.k.a Buzz Lightyear, dropped a few hints about Reeves' character.
Tim Allen took a break from triggering libs and stopped by The Tonight Show earlier this week. Deadline reports that while discussing the upcoming Toy Story 4, the actor, who voices Buzz Lightyear, dropped a tantalizing bit of news—that Keanu Reeves himself would be playing a new toy.Allen didn't reveal exactly who ...
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