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Here's everything you need to know.
Cool spaces and even cooler clothing are at the top of things we like, so pop-ups are something we inherently like. That's exactly what you'll find at Kenzo's first-ever pop-up in the country (history!) with the label's new sport collection.This season, Kenzo ...
And not a single stitch of the collection has yet to appear in stores.
To say that the behavior around last year's Balmain x H&M collaboration was bananas would be an understatement (near death experiences, anyone?). To describe what's already going on with this year's Kenzo x H&M collaboration, a collection that isn't even out yet, ...
You are definitely going to need a few pointers.
We’ve sifted through racks of the new Kenzo x H&M collection, and picked out the best pieces that you can wear without fear of invoking bug-eyed stares from strangers. Guess what’s the trick? Moderation. “We’ve always believed that people should interpret fashion ...
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