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The differences go beyond that intense mah jong showdown.
If your internet browsing and excessive clicking have brought you to this story, we're assuming that you’ve already seen Crazy Rich Asians in your nearby cinema, otherwise, be wary of the movie spoilers ahead. In Kevin Kwan’s novel, it is Felicity Leong, Astrid’s ...
The Truly Rich Lady muses about the box office hit.
No need to remind everyone that, aside from being a box office winner that brought in $35 million in five days in the U.S., a soon-to-be series with a sequel in the works, and a worthwhile escape from the realities of life, ...
The stars arrived in exotic supercars while dressed in their best couture.
The big-screen adaptation of Kevin Kwan's Crazy Rich Asians has produced lots of excitement since it was first announced last year. Now it's only a matter of days until the film is scheduled to be released.Feast your eyes on these photos from the red, ...
Meet the entire cast and the characters they will portray, plus see official movie stills here.
We’re a few weeks away from the local release of Crazy Rich Asians on August 22. For anyone who’s read the trilogy and is eagerly awaiting to see how Asians will be represented in the film, this last stretch is the toughest.To ...
A Ting Hun is much more than an extravagant exchange of gifts.
Pre-wedding traditions are spread throughout the world, and every culture has its own version. For the Filipino-Chinese, there’s the formal engagement ceremony called the Ting Hun. A Ting Hun is a pre-wedding custom that’s similar to the Filipino tradition of pamamanhikan, a ...
But where is Kris Aquino?
Fans of Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians trilogy will still have to wait another eight months for the film adaptation of the first book.Those anticipating the film will be delighted to know that principal photography was completed on June 29, according to the ...
What did Kris Aquino serve 'Crazy Rich Asians' author Kevin Kwan? Jollibee.
Over the weekend, Kris Aquino finally met Kevin Kwan, the author of the Crazy Rich Asians book trilogy.Earlier this year, Aquino revealed she had won a role in a Hollywood movie, but did not disclose which one.  Based on a number of ...
"It was going to go very dark, and I don’t know what happened."
Practically everyone has heard of Crazy Rich Asians, Kevin Kwan’s satirical novel about Asia’s richest families, which has spawned two sequels and a movie adaptation that counts Kris Aquino as part of the cast. In town from August 18 to 22 to promote Rich ...
T&C chats with Kevin Kwan about wealth and his own television drama in the works.
It’s been four years since the first Crazy Rich Asians book affirmed the modern public’s fascination with the lives of the 1%. But the attraction to the super rich began way before that. When did it start? Why do people love the ...
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