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The designer revamps Converse's universally loved Chuck 70.
British fashion designer Kim Jones has a brand new collab with legendary sportswear brand Converse launching at on April 8 and set to release in Manila real soon. This time around, the artistic director of both Dior Men’s as well as ...
High ornamentation and painterly colors pervade the elegant set.
While you’ve been led to believe that less is best and emptying your head is the only path to peace, the glory of maximalism cannot be ignored. The dazzle of all manner of adornment, the electrifying thrill of the exceptionally well-made, and ...
Spend the night in style with Dior’s latest collection live from Paris.
There are a handful of must-watch, can’t-miss, stay-up-late-for shows in men’s fashion week, and this undoubtedly includes Dior’s. Ever since the arrival of artistic director Kim Jones in 2018, the French luxury fashion house has been on a roll, releasing wonderful new ...
Start the week with a big dose of style.
At last, the heavens open up to break the spell of the most excruciating summer. Apart from the healing rain, the new season coincides with more soul-soothing goodness: the rush of digital fashion shows. As physical presentations in London, Milan, and Paris ...
In an age of knee-jerk collaboration, Kim Jones has brewed an organic partnership.
Earlier this year, at our very own Esquire Townhouse, Dior Men's creative director Kim Jones discussed the wide river delta of his inspirations, and its one source: his roots. Which, unsurprisingly, are just as diverse as his mood boards. He spent a portion ...
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