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Style references to queue up on your watch list.
Cinema has a larger influence on the way we dress than we may give it credit for. There’s nothing like the big screen to show clothes in the right situations, worn by characters we can look up to. And sometimes, movies that ...
It's bigger, crazier, and more ambitious, at the expense of some cohesion.
Picture Sir Elton John, clad in a feathered 1950s ensemble, leaping in the air and axe-kicking goons in slo-mo. That’s exactly the kind of tomfoolery you get in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, the over-the-top sequel to 2015’s Kingsman: The Secret Service. And this time around, our ...
From Channing Tatum's rough-and-tumble Agent Tequila to Taron Egerton's always-smart Eggsy.
If you've been following along, you already know that Kingsman: The Golden Circle is shaping up to be the most stylish movie of the year. That's thanks to a partnership with the folks at Mr Porter, who helped craft an entire line of clothing, shoes, ...
Just trade in those capes for a finely tailored suit.
The bright colors, the fantastical plots—Kingsman has the formula and look of a Marvel movie with the fancy English spies of a Bond movie. If 007 had originated in a comic book rather than a novel, this might have been what we ...
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