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That's the power of a good film.
Academy Award-winning movie Parasite has opened the eyes of the world to a side of Seoul that was previously unknown to many non-Koreans: the semi-basement dwellings. It is the city’s underbelly filled with the stench of sewers and garbage.In the movie, the ...
There's a catch though.
There may be hopes of entering South Korea without going through the current long visa process. In an article by the Philippine News Agency, Philippine Ambassador to Korea Noe Albano Wong reveals that the push for Filipinos to gain visa-free entry may be ...
A backpacker shares tips on how to explore Busan in four days with only P7,000 in your pocket.
Busan is a big, sprawling coastal city, but it’s not as frenetic and fast-paced as Seoul. Formerly known as Pusan, it is second to Seoul in terms of population. The bustling metropolis has a laid back vibe, probably because of its proximity ...
South Korea offers so much more than just K-Pop, TV dramas, and high-tech goods, T&C finds out, as we pay our Asian neighbor a visit.
Tourist arrivals to South Korea have soared in the last 15 years, averaging around 5 million visitors from 2000 to 2005 before reaching a high of 14.2 million in 2014, but the Korea Tourism Organization believes there’s still room for more. (By ...
South Korea is the one place where men can be vain and no one can say anything about it.
South Korea is crazy fun. Trust me—I’m the addict who’s gone five times in five years, and I always come home wishing I had stayed an extra day to cram in more activities. At some point, I've stopped doing the touristy things ...
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